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innerwise - The art of healing

Yes to change

I am ready to change everything in order to live a healthy and happy life again. Yes, seriously—truly everything.

But what is everything?

It’s all the compromises in your life. Everything in your life that takes more energy from you than it gives back.

Maybe this is all a bit overwhelming right now. So let’s start with the truly small stuff:

Let’s start with cleaning house.

It may be safe to assume you have a lot of things in your home that belong in the trash. Heirlooms you just can’t throw out, though you don’t even really like them.

Furniture that is heavy and full of stories which are not your stories. Bowls that your great-aunt used to slurp her soup from. Books that nobody has read for years (OK, those can go to a second-hand bookshop). Pictures from the past, old love letters to soothe you when you’re even more down in the mouth, yet another kitchen appliance . . . simply everything you don’t really need, don’t really like, don’t really find beautiful.

Just order a dumpster and free yourself.

What will your reward be? Being able to breathe freely again. Having space. Feeling good again at home.

Now on to the next step: Clean up your life.

You may ask yourself: Why is this necessary? If you are already healthy, happy and successful, just skip this part and go to the next section. For everyone else, it’s time to clean out the garbage dump.

Take a big sheet of paper and make a mindmap of your life. On this paper, include every aspect of your life: yourself, your family, your partner, work, friends, enemies—simply everything that combines to make up your life. Don’t just list everything from top to bottom, but as if you were designing a garden. One thing here, another thing over there, one item smaller, one item bigger . . .

How does your sheet of paper look? Is it a beautiful garden? Is it a happy garden? Does anything have to be replanted, or even rooted out and discarded? Where are weeds choking up your life? Which of your neighbor’s trees overshadow your plants? What is still missing in your garden?

Or do you feel so uncomfortable there that it’s time to move on in your life and create a completely new garden, perhaps even elsewhere? But who designed the garden this way? You did.

Now you may say: “I never wanted a garden like this!” Yes, and you are right. Your conscious will didn’t design it in this way. That was your subconscious.

Everything we experience in life is self-created. We are not victims of life. We are its creator.

Yes, I maintain that our life is an “inside job,” all self-made. All of our happiness, suffering, joy—every illness, success or loss: it is all self-created. You ask whether I can substantiate this outrageous statement? No problem.

This is an interview with mind and subconscious, our inner wisdom:

Mind, how do you see yourself?

  I act. I am important. I am intelligent. I want. I’m responsible for the decisions. It’s not a coincidence that I live in the head, basically on the top floor.

Mind, do you also want to be sick?

  Are you crazy? Who wants to be sick?

Didn’t you just say the decisions come from you? So you are also responsible for illness, accidents, losses, failures . . .!

  I want to talk to my lawyer. I’m not saying another word without my lawyer.

OK. Then, I ask you, subconscious as you are called, the same question. How do you see yourself? Do you also want to talk to your lawyer?

  Imagine an iceberg. I occupy the part below the waterline. I am responsible for 95 to 99 percent of all decisions in life. The rest, I leave to the mind. You know this from politics. Those who have a real say are not visible.
Or take the universe: 95 percent of it is filled with dark matter that we cannot see . . . And then we think that, with the tiny fragment we understand of the 5 percent of matter that is visible, we can explain the world and the universe.
What human arrogance. The world is a flat disc—we haven’t really made it much further than that.

Subconscious, how do you see the mind?

  I like the mind. It’s witty and smart. And as the tip of the iceberg, it always takes the rap although the decisions were mine. But for my taste, it talks too much, like everyone who’s insecure. This constant mind chatter, this ongoing commentary without the courage to say anything out loud . . . This gets on my nerves.

Subconscious, are you always undercover, invisible?

  Not at all. You can feel me. Your heart feeling, that’s me too. Your cold sweat or when you have a hunch about something—all that is me. You can even talk to me.
For this purpose, there is this wonderful arm-length test, for example. Anyone can use it to talk to me directly. When you bring your arms together in front of your body, they are equally long when you say “yes,” and when you say “no,” their length differs. It’s like a scale that’s either in balance or out of balance.

OK, this test I know. I have been using it in my work with clients for years. In using this test, I have noticed that when I ask people who are ill to imagine being healthy again, they are all stressed; the body says “no.” When I ask them to imagine remaining ill, their body always says “Yes, this is what I want.” Does this mean that people who are ill want to be ill?

  Yes, this is a reality. It means that there is something in this person that wants to be ill, and that is me, your subconscious.
I don’t do this to annoy you but to tell you: Stop! Something in your life isn’t good for you. So stop and take the time to resolve it.

This sounds logical. But how is the person supposed to know what it is?

  There can be a lot of things that harm you. Here is a little checklist:

  • Living out compromises that you let happen for safety or security reasons
  • Decisions motivated by fear
  • Being stuck in a blockage
  • Old scars in the body or soul, or old emotional scars that still haven’t completely healed
  • Old injuries that you haven't forgiven
  • Situations where you let others use you, at work, at home or elsewhere
  • Living in an environment that harms you
  • When you don’t live your dreams
  • When you eat, drink or take things that harm you
  • Sleeping in a place that makes you so sick that, for instance, you are in pain every morning when you wake up

This may sound harsh, but we are all responsible for our own destiny. The good thing about this is that anyone can change everything at any time in his or her life.
Tick items off the checklist, resolve your issues, change your life, and suddenly you are free and happy again.

Mind, do you feel relieved? Would you like to participate again in our conversation?

  Um, I’m having an identity crisis. I think I need to work this into my process . . .

Subconscious, is there anything else you’d like to say to the mind?

  My dear mind, there is a little problem: You are a great seducer.
And people believe your promises. Years later, when they are not achieving all they set out to do, they realize they are on the wrong path. They are unhappy; illness starts to plague them. They lose their fire of life. No one wants to be in pain or keep falling flat on their face. Yet, this is often the reward of listening to your promises. You simply don’t have the big picture of everything in someone’s life plan. And you know that minority shareholders aren’t kept in the loop.
So, everybody: Talk directly to me, your subconscious—your majority shareholder.
And, dear mind, I’d like to explain something else to you, so you can finally feel grateful for not really having a say. If you as the mind really had all the power you’ve always thought you had, the human race would have destroyed itself a long time ago. It was necessary to give this great power to me to save your species.

Subconscious, aren’t you exaggerating a bit now?

  Actually, I think I’m being rather modest.

Mind, how many of your thoughts throughout the day are negative thoughts?

  Well, that depends on the person. For the very few people who are close to enlightenment, it’s about 10 to 20 percent. For the average person, it’s 50 to 60 percent. And then, there are many whose negative thoughts make up about 90 percent.

OK, mind, then imagine having the power to also manifest all these negative thoughts and wishes. And not just the positive thoughts about good health, beauty and success.

  God forbid, that would be awful! The list of my victims who were drawn and quartered, dead of the plague, or who ended up in hell, would be enormous. But I would have also had a lot more sex. And from a global perspective, the Third World War would be long over, with the worst conceivable outcome.

So tell me, subconscious, how are you actually able to handle such a huge responsibility?

  I am not alone. I am connected with the subconscious of all people in a sort of social network. Coordination takes a massive effort, but it can be done.

Mind, do you still have a question you’d like to ask the subconscious?

  Subconscious—speaking basically from the tip of the iceberg to the rest of the iceberg—after all, we are made of the same water. So can you tell me how the life of a person will go, at least most of the time, if we are to agree?

When that happens, people no longer need to struggle; they live love. What they need comes to them. They are taken care of. It’s heaven on earth, and you can also call it flow.