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Spherical vision

Our range of vision is the biggest challenge and is also a precondition for energy work. We usually look at something from our perspective. This also means that we compare what we see with what we have experienced so far, evaluating and judging it internally. Better, worse, the same; oh yeah, I’m already familiar with that; oh well, nothing new; not again . . .

This prevents us from having a neutral and independent perspective, from recognizing the full beauty of something and opening up to something new without bias. We can also compare this to looking at a bouquet of flowers. We actually look at only one part of a flower, yet we think we are looking at the entire bouquet. Consequently, everyone looking at this bouquet will describe it differently. Also, the bouquet will look different depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

This may be OK for an interior designer who will turn the bouquet in a way to make it look its best. For a therapist or coach this view is the final blow.

Many years ago when working with a patient I noticed a weakness in the technique. Using the arm-length test, I asked myself whether I was done with the treatment. The answer was “yes.” Yet, I had the feeling something was still missing in this treatment. Then, I imagined being a woman and asked myself again. This time, the response of the arm-length test showed that the treatment was not finished yet. This was a sign to me that I had to leave my individual perspective to obtain reliable results.

I developed a type of vision where it doesn’t matter whether I’m a man, woman or a child, whether I’m European, African, Asian or from the moon—the test results would always be the same. I look at somebody from above, below, right and left—from all directions at the same time.

Spherical vision is the most difficult thing for anyone who uses holistic methods.

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