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The first system:
The healing cards

These are specific frequency patterns. They can be explained and you can look up their meaning and select them using a testing system. They include the “The Complete Healing System” with its test cards, healing cards pro with the large testing system, and the storage media, i.e., the amulets, the Balance Card and the Space disc.

The first innerwise healing frequencies were created in my practice in 1997.

The classical Bach flower essences proved to be weaker than other flower essences. So I potentized them anew. Using the arm-length test, I found the potency accord, that is the series of dilutions, which was needed to lend them new strength. I reformulated the series of Bach flower essences and found them to have a strength and clarity unknown to me thus far.

Next, I worked on the crystal frequencies. At the time they were copied from selected crystals using Mr. Jahoda’s “biocorrelator” device and then potentized in potency accords.

Over the next ten years, 4,000 additional healing frequencies were created. They became increasingly complex, and by linking them to the essence of the remedy, potentization was no longer necessary. Once the number exceeded 1,000, the treatment kit weighed over 40 lbs. (which caused considerable problems when flying to give workshops in Canada); and I decided to stop producing the frequencies in the form of pellets and chose instead to produce small paper cards. This has made it possible to fit the 4,200 remedies into a small laptop case.

The small version, that is the “Heilapotheke” (The Complete Healing System) with 309 frequencies, was published by Allegria/Ullstein in 2011 and is available in English as well from Hay House since the fall of 2012.

healing cards pro is the tool for professional users and includes 4,184 frequencies, as well as 13 test cards with over 300 testing topics. They are produced by the “innerwise Verlag” publishing house.