Patterns of Creation: Energy dynamics and morphic fields “string flux 5” © minghao xu

innerwise is alive

innerwise is alive

When I started developing innerwise, I was still so naïve that I believed I was working only with frequencies, words and symbols.

I had no idea that this was going to shape my entire life and that I was going to have to go through many experiences in order to be able to build, model and head innerwise authentically.

What surprised me was that innerwise has its own intelligence. If we say this about anything, usually we say it about people, animals and computers. innerwise is like a computer system without a processor, wires, cables or monitor. innerwise is an expression of divine creativity. The principle of creation doesn’t need a computer to communicate.

This is in tune with some of the latest scientific evidence attributing intelligence to material structures.

In other words, when you use the innerwise test cards, only the one that is active and needs to be worked with next appears. In this way, the testing system guides you automatically through the optimal and most efficient sequence of questions.

The system’s intelligence ensures that the energetic potency of the healing cards adjusts to the user. The homeopathic remedies it contains no longer need to be potentized. They automatically take on the optimal resonance vibration for the user.

The energies are not contained directly within the healing cards but come through them.

innerwise is alive.