Patterns of Creation: Energy dynamics and morphic fields “string flux 4” © minghao xu

innerwise - the idea

One idea and many possibilities

Our approach is simple:

Creating flow

This is the very essence of the idea. And it applies to people, animals, living and work spaces, projects, organizations . . . simply everything!

Flow is the optimal state. It is like a harmonious sinusoid. It means good health, expressing our creative power, happiness, success and well-being. Only about 15% of all people exist in this state.

But imbalances arise, starting often as an energetic or emotional irritation. Stress, unresolved issues, cowardness, wrong decisions . . . all these cause harmony to turn into disharmony.

Life loses its lightness, no more blending together perfectly. Illness follows, and the struggle starts. Almost 60% of all people exist in this state.

The worst case scenario is total blockage, a state of rigidity. 25% of all people survive in this state, as you can no longer really call this living. Everything goes wrong.

At this point, your body tries to heal itself, and at first, creates chaos: illness, an accident, it doesn’t matter what it is—the important thing is breaking down this rigidity, so that your system can find its way back to harmony. Sometimes your body manages it, and sometimes it doesn’t.

innerwise already begins to work as the state of harmony is starting to fade and helps restore harmony without it having to first devolve to chaos. And in times of chaos, innerwise can help restore order and harmony quickly.

This translates into a large variety of innerwise applications:

  • To heal yourself
  • For medical and therapeutic purposes
  • In education
  • In the energetic design of living and work spaces
  • In project development and support
  • In business coaching
  • In couples and family counseling
  • In creative fields

It’s simply not worth living anything else than flow.

innerwise® is certified as a medical device in Europe.