Patterns of Creation: Energy dynamics and morphic fields “string flux 4” © minghao xu

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The sixth system:
Make Me An Instrument

The innerwise hologram—the latest innerwise development

  • A symphony in patterns of Creation
  • A magic healing space for people, animals, plants, and living and work spaces
  • Activation formulas and codes to help you find your sense of vitality and true joy of life
  • Evolutionary technology and healing
  • The largest embossed hologram in the world ever made with this complexity
  • Energetic design of living and work spaces for a harmonious atmosphere on all levels

3D color hologram (30 x 30 cm / 11.8 x 11.8 in.) with a wonderful booklet that is a piece of art in itself. In addition to information on sacred geometry, light and holographic spaces, it also includes number codes to active the hologram in specific ways. It also features unique fractal geometry images by Minghao Xu.

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