Patterns of Creation: Energy dynamics and morphic fields “string flux 4” © minghao xu

innerwise - tools

Internal tools

Using innerwise in practice requires learning the necessary tools.

It’s like learning how to juggle: At the beginning, you’ll drop the ball here and there, especially if your mind doesn’t quiet down.

But at some point, it will become second nature to you, and you will be able to juggle many balls with ease.

All human beings have these abilities and skills within them, yet they’re often buried under mountains of trauma and inner protective mechanisms.

innerwise helps people uncover them and reintegrate them into their daily lives.

innerwise brings people back to life and makes them feel alive again, a wise woman told me sometime ago.

External tools

They take over the “hard work” of energy healing. And that’s a good thing.

Chronology of creative madness

1997: Creation of the first innerwise remedies
1997–2006: System of pellets, including 1,000 remedies
1998–2006: Test tubes comprising 21 topics
2003-2008: Crystals
2006-2011: Test discs
2006: Card System
2006: Medicine Wheel
2008: Amulets, Space disc
2010: Homo Integer
2011: Flowmaker
2011: Unconsious Mind Coach
2011: “Heilapotheke” (in German; 2012 in English: The Complete Healing System, and Hungarian; 2015 in Spanish and Portuguese)
2011: Source of Light
2011: The book “Der Heilatem” (The Healing Breath) (in German)
2011: The book “Ja/Nein – Der Armlängentest” (in German; 2012 in English: Yes/No: Using the Arm-Length Test for Instant Answers and Wellbeing; 2014 in Slovakian; 2015 in Spanish and Portuguese)
2011: Quintessence
2011: New testing system
2011: Multimedia e-book: “Ein Kurs im Heilen” (in German; 2014 in English: A Course in Healing)
2012: Make Me An Instrument
2012: The book “innerwise – Heilung für alles Lebendige” (in German; 2015 in English: innerwise – Intuitive Healing)

2013: System Test Cards
2013: The audio book “innerwise Meditationen: Der Heilatem” (innerwise Meditations: The Healing Breath) (in German)
2013: The audio book “innerwise Meditationen: Mutter Erde” (innerwise Meditations: Mother Earth) (in German)
2013: IMAGO-Game (in German, 2014 in English; 2015 in Portuguese)
2013: New Dimension and Integrity test cards
2013: CD Healing Sounds 1: Make Me An Instrument
2014: The book “Besser schlafen, besser leben” (Sleep Better, Live Better) (in German)
2014: The Hologram Amulet
2014: Smile it away stickers
2014: Sleep well my love stickers
2014: The book Integrity is my way (in German)
2014: The audio book “innerwise Meditationen: Der Fluss des Lebens” (innerwise Meditations: The River of Life) (in German)
2014: “Lebe – Das Heilspiel des Lebens”/Live! The Healing Game of Life (in German and English)
2014: 10 Healers
2015: The audio book “innerwise Meditationen: innerYoga” (innerwise Meditations: innerYoga) (in German)
2015: The book “Heilmeditationen” (Healing Meditations) (in German and English)
2015: The book “Intuitive Diagnostik” (Intuitive Diagnostics) (in German)

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is discord, union.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is sadness, joy.
Where there is darkness, light.

St. Francis of Assisi