Patterns of Creation: Energy dynamics and morphic fields “string flux 6” © minghao xu

innerwise - The energy field

Be the creator of your reality
The energy field

Our reality is like cake batter. It will always take the shape of the pan in which it is baked. The cake pan of our reality is our energy field.
And the field always wins—it is only a matter of time.

If your energy field looks like a crushed car, you really must have been through some bad times. There’s so little space left in which to unfold, so your reality needs to be like that of a contortionist.

It’s really a shame that so much effort has to be expended when things could be totally different.

With innerwise we clear the energy field of limitations, blockages, restrictive rules, patterns and deformities caused by trauma.

Then, people, animals, systems and living and work spaces can become healthy again and exist in integrity; and reality can unfold in its lushest, most beautiful form.

Would you like an even more vivid, more concrete illustration? We humans often live in a prison of our own making. We have become used to darkness, a bad place to sleep, lousy food and limitations. For us, this is normal, as everybody accepts it, and we don’t know any better.

With innerwise we blast a big hole in our prison wall and open up a view of blooming meadows, beaches, shooting stars, delicious food, lots of light and freedom.

Then, we can all decide for ourselves whether to return to our dark cell or instead find the courage to step outside and take responsibility for our own life. It’s a bit like the story of “paradise lost,” just the other way round—paradise regained.

Try this, it’s a beautiful exercise!

Take an evening stroll down a street of single-family homes. Stop in front of one of them, close your eyes and tune into yourself: Feel your stance, your breath, your energy field, your emotions and the set of your face.
Now imagine living in this house for three years and observe yourself again.
Go to the next house and repeat the exercise.
This helps you get to know your neighborhood, as the people who live in these homes feel no different than how you sense it within you.