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The testing system

The testing system is at the heart of the innerwise system. It reflects years of searching for effective healing methods and “the quest for the true essence of life.”

I had started out by treating symptoms, just like any therapist would do initially. But you can only get so far doing this. At some point you ask yourself whether this approach might cause even more harm to people rather than help them. If I suppress symptoms, I deprive the body of the opportunity to reveal deeper problems or disorders. I am breaking the warning light, so to speak. Although this offers short-term relief, it cannot offer long-term benefits. You can compare it to a steam boiler with a pressure leak. Fixing just the leak does not address the problem of excess pressure in the boiler, and it won’t take long before the mounting pressure will find another way to escape. So how can we eliminate the boiler’s excess pressure? This was the key question that led me to develop the testing system.

Are there any aspects that are universally applicable? If so, how can such a testing system be used most effectively?

The result was the creation of more than 300 sets of questions included in the test cards over the course of 15 years. I had the opportunity to experience most of them first hand, which helped me to truly understand them, get a feel for them and integrate them.

Selecting them intuitively has proven to be the most effective way of using them rather than working through them one by one, since this is like forcing a topic onto a client instead of letting yourself be guided intuitively.

Since innerwise is a living entity with its own intelligence, the test cards activate themselves in the most effective order for the client. It’s as if the active topic emanates a perceivable sound. As you sense the test cards while moving your hand over them, one of them is energetically active. It sends out different vibrations and feels different.

Another way to find the active test card is through the arm-length test. With some experience in using this system, you will automatically pick the right one and the finger that glides over the test card will identify the right topic instantly. Among all the topics included in that specific test card, only one specific topic will be active.

The test cards are then placed on the client and the stress caused by the test card is balanced using the healing cards. Once this topic is resolved using the innerwise system and the test card is put back with the other test cards, the next topic is activated in one of the other test cards.

In this way, the testing system leads us step by step and topic by topic through the treatment in the most effective manner.

The small testing system is included in “Innerwise® – The Complete Healing System”, and the large one is in the large card system. For the small testing system, you can also use healing cards pro for balancing; but you can’t use the “The Complete Healing System” when working with the large testing system, since it requires the abundance and variety provided by the nearly 4,200 healing cards.

The small testing system of
“The Complete Healing System”

  • Yes to change
  • Yes to the body
  • Yes to honesty
  • Yes to love
  • Yes to myself
  • Yes to life

The large testing system of “healing cards pro”

  • 1. My body
  • 2. Love and relationships
  • 3. Searching for insight
  • 4. Mine, yours, ours
  • 5. Homework
  • 6. The self
  • 7. My life
  • 8. Manipulation
  • 9. Dimensions of Being according to Burkhard Heim
  • 10. Processes
  • 11. Environment
  • 12. Systems
  • 13. Checkup