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The fourth system:
innerwise healing meditations

The Healing Breath

A healing synthesis of meditation, focusing and breathing. The Source of Light serves as the underlying energy field.

Healing is not a matter of time, but a matter of intention, of choosing the right means and of integrating the changes into your life.

The healing breath is easy for anyone to learn in just a few minutes. It can be done anywhere and you will feel the effect immediately.

Through meditation and focus, we enter the healing space, the space of our soul—that is, the realm from which our life is created. From there, we can breathe into the Source, into the divine force, what we wish to transform or heal. The actual transformation and healing takes place in the Source, and we breathe in pure, healed and cleared energy back into our soul space, thus integrating it into our life.

This simple and effective kind of healing is made possible through the Source of Light energy field, a symbol which creates a sacred space.

“Mother Earth”

Mother Earth: As a part of you, you are fully in me and live through me.
Father Sun: As a part of you, you are fully in me and live through me.
Heaven: As a part of you, you are fully in me and live through me.
God Earth: As a part of you, you are fully in me and live through me.

People are not aliens who landed on this planet and have to try to hold on with the help of rooting exercises. We are part of Mother Earth; we are one of her many forms of expression.

By remembering this and identifying with Mother Earth, we can easily become another form of expression. By identifying with a birch tree, for example, or an eagle or a waterfall, you become your own remedy.

“innerYoga—liberating yoga from yoga”

The beginning of anything new is playful. It is an individual journey of discovery, free of rules and regulations.
There is a space where the new can die time and again, thus recreating itself.
Any discoverer knows that this is the only way in which a new idea can unfold and flourish.

Every time a creator leaves Earth, it’s the people in the second row who begin to establish rules and regulations out of their fears and limitations, and start to abuse the organism to satisfy their claim to power. This is the beginning of the end of an idea, where gurus start to flourish. That is also what happened to yoga.

It’s true that a growing number of people on Earth practice yoga, but this is no longer the yoga it was originally. innerYoga leads you back to the origin, beauty and individuality of yoga. In innerYoga, there are no gurus or artificial spiritual names, no disguises, and no right or wrong; there is only the individual beauty of the movement that is born out of identification. In innerYoga, it is not the form or position that creates identification and thus the effect; it’s exactly the other way around.

Through the meditative identification with an eagle, a tree, a river or the wind—with the children of Mother Earth—we naturally move as they do, becoming our own remedy.

As always, this book by Uwe Albrecht is easy to understand. It’s witty and unconventional, and colored drawings support the pleasure of discovering innerYoga. Uwe Albrecht, a medical doctor and the developer of the internationally renowned healing system innerwise, shows once more how to find the living essence in everything when we drop the limitations created by fear and confinement.

innerYoga—yoga for people who celebrate their individuality and self-determination and remain on a par in their encounters with others.