Patterns of Creation: Energy dynamics and morphic fields “string flux 5” © minghao xu

innerwise - Healing is possible

Everything started with a small, yet ingenious idea:
Healing is possible.

That was in 1994. Out of this idea emerged innerwise, the art of energy healing.

It was about the search for the fundamental principles of health, happiness, success and of life. It was a search that didn't take place through books or online databases but through direct observation, personal experiences and unflagging effort.

Its success speaks for itself: innerwise has grown and matured, and in over 20 countries it is used and lived by physicians, psychotherapists, alternative health and energy practitioners, teachers, designers, tax and business consultants, coaches, animal therapists, musicians, housewives, researchers, politicians, children, adults, teens—simply by people of all ages and all different professional backgrounds.

You can work with innerwise, and you can live innerwise.

It's all possible, with only a few simple tools:

  • The arm-length test for communication with the subconscious
  • A testing system that shows you the optimal path
  • Healing cards that unlock the sounds of healing
  • Symbols that open up energy fields for you
  • Books you can consult for information on everything covered.

Many people have started working with innerwise, and for many it has become an integral part of their lives. They live innerwise.

Living innerwise means taking full responsibility for yourself and for your life.

This is a lot to ask, as it means no longer clinging to the role of victim as your excuse.

You recognize that you are the creator of your own reality. Life is nothing but a mirror of your wishes, your wants, your subconscious programs and your soul's plan.

You recognize that you don't help others by helping shoulder their issues, and that it is degrading to let others use you.

You resolve and put an end to the compromises you've been making, because they are lies to yourself and they eat up your life energy.

You find the courage to be honest, no matter how your fellow human beings handle it. That is not your responsibility. You simply trust them to act like adults.

You enjoy endless creativity flowing through you. This is the reward for all your efforts to resolve your issues and to grow. This creativity pervades every part of you, and everything in life blends together perfectly. You are being taken care of. You have all you need.

The struggle is over. A struggle which in fact, you have led only against yourself. Above all against your subconscious programs and patterns, resulting from the charges of unhealed trauma.

You enjoy the beauty, health and strength of your body again, as a reward for walking the path to being a person of integrity.

We don't say that this path is always easy. But those who walk it no longer want to turn around and go back the other way.

Life really can be so beautiful.