• Creation

    innerwise was created, because existing medical systems no longer offer an adequate response to the challenges of our time. innerwise has evolved through the encounters, experiences and observations of people from all over the world.
  • Inner Harmony

    innerwise has offered people tools to clear up energetic charges, transform disharmony into harmony and restore inner perfection and completeness.
    When you’re in a state of inner harmony, your life is in the flow!
  • Challenge

    innerwise invites you to recognize the true cause of symptoms, as only by dealing with that cause can you achieve effective healing.
  • Effect

    innerwise works for people, animals, living and work spaces, buildings, landscapes, teams, projects, organizations and systems; because everything is alive and thus follows the principle of blockage or flow, of disharmony or harmony, of energetic charges or freedom.
  • Resonance

    innerwise is based on resonance: It attracts people who are ready for it, thus spreading quickly around the world.
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Patterns of Creation: Energy dynamics and morphic fields “string flux 5” © minghao xu

innerwise is intuitive healing—
medicine for the 21st century
that serves people and animals.

Conscious people want to understand what has created their symptoms.
They seek profound healing.
They want to take responsibility for their lives.
They are looking for therapists who are partners, and on a par with them.
They want to evolve, find their life purpose and live it.
They want to experience what life really can be.
And they are looking for medicine that is up-to-date and that works.

innerwise – self-healing – evolution – happiness – finding one’s life purpose – therapy

innerwise is intended for therapists, medical doctors, psychologists, dentists, alternative health practitioners, healers, energy practitioners and for you.


Healing Cards

Healing Cards

The first system: The healing cards with specific frequency patterns.

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Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel

The second system: The Medicine Wheel. It describes the paths of realization and insight.

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Homo Integer

Homo Integer

The third system: The Homo Integer—this healing system works almost automatically.

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